Monday, 19 March 2012

The Octopode Factory: Wizard of Oz Blog Candy

The Octopode Factory: Wizard of Oz Blog Candy

The lovely Lily Chivers has gave us all the wonderful opportunity to get our hands on some fabby blog Candy. I love the Octopode Factory stamps and would love to win one of these sets. Click on the link and jump over to her blog for a chance to win.....good luck.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

At last I have caught up........

I feel so bad about being so behind with all my commitments, my postcards, my life book ( my next task) college work, calendar challenge and others too.....I will get there with them all soon enough. (I hope). The last 3 weeks has gone past so quickly and with being away on holiday to Egypt, returning home and being ill since then, I have not had any mojo or energy to actually get to create anything. This week is a week of complete rest for me and that does include lots of art, to help me relax and chill. Wish me lots of luck.....

It took me some time, to eventually complete the postcards from the last 4 weeks. I really enjoyed researching them and getting lots of ideas for the cards, I hope you like what I have used. Tomorrow we get another country and already we have a little hint from Darcy. I wonder what country it will be. Tomorrow we will find out.....

Going back to 27th January - China

30th January - France

6th February - Belgium

13th February - Wales

The story of Roisee and Morgan continues through the postcards, but the more indepth story is continuing in my note book.....

I will make the time to get it typed and put on the blog asap. I did alot of writing while away on holiday and the story is panning out very nicely. You will have to all wait and see.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Post card number 3 - Brazil

Its already week 3 of the postcard challenge, how quick are the weeks passing by? I cannot believe its  nearly the end of January already. The country is Brazil, what a fabulous country, so much to decide what to design the postcard on. One day I am hoping to be able to experience some of the delights of the country and be able to travel to see the breath taking sights. I love all the research, planning the design, creating it and then finally blogging the postcard. I am a little later this week as I have had such a mad week and this week coming is going to be as busy. I found a picture of the Brazilian flag on a human eye and decided this was what I wanted to to incorporate, both items together and I think the combination works really well. I struggled with the drawing of the eye as human features is not one of my fortes, but I am pleased with the finished result once again. Tomorrow we all start all over again when Darcy lets us know the next country, its so exciting and so many people are involved. I hope you like the design.... have fun as always.

Roisee's and Morgan's story is still carrying on. I write in long hand on an old diary of mine and have to yet find the time to actually get it put on my Mac to then blog it. You will all get the next section of the story soon enough and find out what is going on with them both and how things are "developing". Very intriguing.......

Well thats this weeks postcard and see you all again in 2 weeks time with 2 postcards as i am off to Egypt for a Red Sea excited. I am actually going to see the pyramids. Whooooo.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Second postcard.......Spain.

This week the postcard is from the lovely country Spain. I have visited the country a couple of times and have fell in love with the beautiful city of Barcelona, the architecture of the glorious building and the constant "buzz' of the hectic city. I loved it and hopefully will return one day to sample more of its delight. The next section of the story of Roisee and Morgan is on its way and in the mean time I decided to post the postcard (wanted to get it out of the way and finished) Roisee has taken a short break to Spain with a friend and has sent her postcard to Morgan. The story will develop through the cards and we will have to wait to see what happens over the year to the two people........

Hope you like my postcard. I really enjoyed my research this week. I decided I wanted to do some painting and found the artist Joan Miro. I really liked his art work and he has some lovely pieces. In my stash I have some sparkling H20s and have used them in my painting. The effect is lovely, unfortunately you will not get the full effect on the picture. Its a dark day here so my pictures are not the best. Enjoy and see you all again next week.....

Saturday, 7 January 2012

My first post card......

This is the album I have created for my 52 postcards.

The front cover........

The back cover.......

Well I did it, I have finally finished my postcard for the first country in the Postcard Challenge 2012, the country being Austria. I have been so excited about taking part in the challenge and was a little worried about how my design would work, in the end I was pleased with the result and have had some lovely comments too. I researched a little about Austria and decided on the idea of the national flower of the country, which is the lovely little flower, "Edelweiss".

 The story behind the post cards is as follows.......

Yet another day fighting through the crowd of commuters at King Cross station just to try to get to her platform. Roisee was soaked through to the skin as she had forgotten her umbrella that morning. Her hair was stuck, not so nicely around her face, creating a very unusual style that not many people would admire and probably her mascara had also decided to make a lovely streaky trip down her face. What else could make her day go any worse, she dreaded to think. Walking wearily towards the timetable screen, she stood and sighed deeply, her train was delayed once again....."wonderful" she said under her breathe, what shall she do now? Well, it then happened, a split second later,  she was flat on her face, thinking "ouch" that hurt. Lay on the floor trying to work out how on earth she had got there, she heard a mans voice apologising over and over again  for something. She then realised she had been knocked to the floor by the stranger. Turning slightly and shifting her weight she looked up to try and see his face when a hand was plunged into hers, she instinctively took it,  to then feel herself being pulled to her feet. Roisee then gets chance to look at him properly and immediately senses she knows this man. A face she has seen before but having no idea where or when. The smiling man asks her if she is ok and she mumbles she thinks so, he still has hold of her hand and he is still smiling and also staring at her.  Still feeling as if she is in a trance or it was the effect of the fall, she gently removes her hand from his and tries to  straightens herself up and brushes the dust off her jacket. Again she notices, he is still staring at her intently.

Its then she notices all her precious belongings from her handbag are scattered over the concourse floor, with ever passing body stepping over them. The look of horror on her face is then recognised by the man as he then sees the scattered items too. They both bend to start to recover the items before any are stepped or damaged and gradually most things are returned to the safety of Roisee"s handbag, which was also now lay on the dirty, grimy floor. What a disaster of a day it had turned out to be, all she wanted to do now was to get on her train home, have a hot bath and forget the events of the day completely......

Due to the commotion of being knocked off her feet by a complete stranger, who seemed to smile a lot in her mind, Roisee never noticed or heard that her train had actually arrived at platform 8. The man asked her where was she travelling to, "Cheshunt", "isn't that your train?" he asked. She looked in horror, it was. She hastily thanked him for all his help and that it did not really matter that he knocked her over onto the floor. It will tomorrow, she thought as he knee was throbbing and her ankle was not holding up very much better, but she had to get home.

Reaching into her jacket pocket for her tickets, she tried the best she could to try and run for her train, she could not miss this one, she said "goodbye" and left the man to stand and watch her very gawky running technique. In a way he found it very amusing to watch her and then also a little sad. He wanted her to turn round to look at him just once so he could wave, not once had he taken his eyes off her all the time they had spent together, there was just something about her and he could not understand what it was....just something different. He watched as she stepped on the train and was gone.

Well, that was interesting, he thought as he turned to walk away, he kicked something which had been behind his briefcase. He looked and seen on the floor a black leather purse with a little dog on the front which matched perfectly to the one on the bag belonging to the lady. Neither of them had noticed it behind his briefcase as they had picked her belongings up, now she had no purse. Picking it up he wondered what to do for the best with it. Shall he hand it in to lost property or to a member of staff, but there was no guarantee she would ever get it returned. He hesitated for a little while and decided the best thing to do was for him to return it himself to her, in his mind it was a perfect plan......he would be able to see her again and hopefully find out more about the very intriguing lady who he knocked over at Kings Cross station......what a interesting day!

The story will continue.........

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Year.....New challenges......

Well, its the 3rd day of the new year and I am going to be very nice to my little blog and actually "blog". I have returned today from a lovely couple of days in a wonderfully oldy worldy hotel, which I found very interesting indeed. The library was fabulous, full of very old books but I am sure they would have noticed at reception if I had walked out with my suitcase full of old books. I suppose I will just have to go and annoy the ladies at the local charity shop for them instead.....much better idea! I am totally refreshed, even though I only slept on the first night and not at all last night so nothing very different then. Problem being is that I did not have a compact craft room in my bag for the middle of the night when I was wide awake.

I went to Portobello Road and absolutely loved it, unfortunately the market was not open as it was bank holiday but there were lots of little stalls scattered around. I always thought London was a unfriendly place but I met such lovely people. The first on was a french man selling old photos and albums. As soon as I noticed them I was there. I did buy some old postcards from around 1905 with the original handwriting on. I could have bought so much from him, but alas stuck to only 4 postcards. The rest of the day consisted of shopping in Harrods.....whooo. I loved it! Covent Garden was as lovely as ever, I love to see what people have made and selling. Again I could have spent a fortune but had a Radley...yes Radley bag bought for me. I was chatting away as I do, looked up and seen the sign......the doggie sign and that was it, I as gone. I left a certain person standing and I knew what he was thinking..."oh no". I just had to have one to add to my collection, well that was my excuse. We were on our way home and stood in the queue to get into the tube station. I looked at the side of me and next to me was Jessy, one of Little Mix. Silly me said...."oh its you" as if I knew here ( mad woman) she laughed and said yes, I then realised how lovely she looked. I do not mean to be awful here but she is the one who seemed to struggle the most with her self image and the clothes she wore never seemed to do anything for her and seemed to add weight to her face. She looked wonderful and was so friendly. I really can't believe I spoke to her but I did. She asked how I was and I said about my daughter loving the know in a babbled hasty way....She wished me happy New Year and I wished her lots of luck in her future. I really should have taken a photo but anyone who has been to Covent Garden will know how the lifts work and I really never got time to get my phone out and click!

Anyway or road! I will get back to my challenges. I am determined to do more art this year and develop a style of my own. I really need to get moved into my studio so hopefully this week......fingers crossed. I am hoping to get all my painting done in there and have room to create bigger canvases.

My first challenge.....Lifebook by Tamara Laporte and other teachers. This is a full years clas and I will have to be totally committed to complete this class. I have a few facebook friends doing this class too, so I am sure we will encourage each other along the way.
Find the information here -

My next challenge is The Post Card Challenge over on Darcy Wilkinson's blog "Art and Sole". I find this one so interesting and have my own little story set up for this. I will post my ideas on here for all the challenges I am doing so I will keep you up to date with how I am getting on.....fingers crossed. Wish me luck, please.
The information on the challenge is here -

Tomorrow is my day of starting it all.Watch this space...........

Monday, 17 October 2011

A promise......

I promise my little blog to start posting again on a regular basis....I feel so guilty of late for not putting any post on here and I have had many lovely and exciting things to blog about but, just never quite got there. So from now on I am going to try my very best to keep up with it. My inspiration today is the new online class I have started this morning ( I have a few on the go at all times...) This one is is run by Shimelle and named "Pretty Paper Party" and anyone who knows me knows I loveeeee paper. I only have a few papers hidden away in my rom....if you believe that you are mad! I have stacks and stacks of the stuff. Most are just too nice to use and one day I will actually use them for some type of project. Today, the class began with the prompt...take a piccy of your paper stash. I laughed as I had no idea where to start. I will now go and take a couple of pictures of it all. I may share them with you later....:)

If you want to go and have a nosey at Shimelle's blog and the class, start here...... Well worth a look and lots of information on projects etc.


It wasn't the cupcakes in the picture that made me sign up.....honest!

Ok, I am off to take the pictures and organise what things I am going to blog about first.....make a list, I think! 

Have a wonderful day and always smile.