Friday, 29 April 2011

What did you do today, the day of the Royal wedding?

Its been yet another lovely sunny day and also the wedding of Kate and William. I had planned to sit all morning and watch it all morning much to the annoyance of my husband but, yes, I managed to stay in bed and watch it. He was interested too (don't think men like to admit they like weddings but secretly I think they do) I was totally taken away with the delicious hats and outfits.....would have been the shoes too the cameras just never zoomed into the shoes, pity! Anyway, I had lots of cups of tea supplied and even breakfast in bed so not too bad a morning after all. The wedding was lovely, the dress was even more lovely and they both looked so very happy and in love, just the way it should be when you are sharing a day like that together. I hope they have a wonderful life together and wish them the best of everything.

 Now I have been in my garden taking pictures the flowers. I hate gardening as it ruins my nails (not very good nails atm due to wearing acrylics for month) but I love my plants that are flowering right now. My glorious Peony which has travelled with us for 4 houses and is still going strong. I am very attached to it for some reason. I hope you like my pictures and will put some of my "crafty stuff" here soon. I have been busy visiting my friend in Penrith for a few days and now I am home really need to get on with some painting......there is never enough time in a day to do everything but something you do have to make time for sometimes, especially if they "are" important. My theory is if you don't take the time, you will lose that "thing" and then one day you will realise how important it was and it is too late by then. I like my theories.....Have fun everyone and take care of yourselves.

 My Cutey puppy Mollie, she is 7 months old and wanted to be in the pictures I was taking. She loves being in the garden and runs around like a mad dog. She is a are Millie and Maisie.

I am now going to enjoy the last of the sunshine and take the dogs for a run around the old Burtonwood air strip. See you all soon......


Diane said...

I love your flowers and your philosophies. I'm busy and all over the place at the minute, mainly because of the dogs as our routines have been thrown to pot and all the holidays the school had in April, makes it hard to know which day it is. I'm trying to still find time for cards although I made one this weekend using Craft Artist platinum and it was hopeless but I had to continue as it was a 'new home' card needed immediately. I meant to post it on my blog as a reminder of how stressful I find card making sometimes when I'm really tired and the 'muse' isn't with me :-)
Thanks again for sharing

Catie Cuddles said...

Love the photos Jackie - beautiful Peonie - one of my favourites - although I know now why the wind is here - as soon as the one my parents had when I was little flowered, there were gale force winds and the flower was no more! Hope yours has survived the wind of the last few days!

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