Sunday, 22 May 2011

Where has the week gone?

I can't believe its over a week since my last post. Its gone by so quickly and also can't believe its nearly the end of May already. I have had a funny week with lots of laughs and plenty of frowns. I have been busy painting and I start my new course tomorrow afternoon......I can't wait. I think it will be another few nights of painting into the wee small hours....

The course is another one by Christy Tomlinson, I adore her work and she is a great inspration to me. The Class is called "She had three hearts" so i will let you know what it is all about once I am well on my way with it.


It will consist of art journalling and lots of messy times for me and my desk. I once had a lovely black Ikea desk and now its rather splattered with various colours of paint. Maybe it is added texture to the desk...I don't know! 

This was one of my first paintings I did for the "She Art Course" I have decided to put it on my blog as its a  favourite of mine and I got so many lovely comments on it in the Classe's Flickr group. 

My latest painting. I have been pestered by someone to put this on my blog so they can see it and so here it is.....talalalalala!  Daniel seen it and looked oddly saying the roof is not right.....I replied by saying that was the charm of the house. Its not meant to be correctly measured....thats the fun of it all. 

I have based this one on my daughters as both have the most fabulous red hair. Well, they both have flame red hair thanks to a bottle.....shhhh, dont tell them I told you all. lol! This is one of the paintings that amazed my daughter Charlotte, I was amazed that she was amazed and so on and so on. 

Busy weekend with little Jessica's christening, which went wonderfully and Mike and I had the pleasure of being her god parents.....such a privilege. The day was lovely and time spent with everyone. Great day and lots of lovely pictures of my lovely family to follow. I have some really odd pictures of me taken by my lovely son Daniel. I was not happy with him but everyone else thought it was hilarious, especially the one which looks like I am sticking two fingers up at him.....ME!!!!! never ever. Me thinks some of those will be getting deleted or maybe they should go into the "funny Jackie pictures folder" most of the pictures of me are funny or so the kids think so.....hmmmmm. I dont know yet. 

Have fun crafty my fellow crafters and hello to you other nosey know who you are and so do I . I don't mind really....x

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Port Sunlight..........

Well my day at Port Sunlight was very successful in my mind. I really enjoyed the show and there was so much variety, which I think some shows recently have not achieved. I was picked up and chauffeured this morning, lovely to see Gill again and I got to meet Jennifer (she has been reading my blog) Gill has yet to find it as she is a "newbie" crafter and not really bothered with blogs. Jennifer and I are changing that for her and now she has the beginning of a craft "stash". I think she found the show a little daunting at first but then I am sure she started to enjoy herself. I was in my element with lots of ohhh and ahhhs. I even met a few people I knew so managed to have a chat too.

Now the things I bought.....well, are you all ready for the yummy yum things??? I did get a lot and spent far too much but as I said to another lady today, "we do need the things we buy". I think we are just trying to convince ourselves about that subject. Some of my pics are not the best for now as the natural light is fast disapearing from my craft room. If we are very lucky tomorrow and we get some sun I will retake them. I highly recomend the Port Sunlight Show to any crafter and I believe the next one is in October....I will be there.

I watched a fabulous demonstration using the melting pot and the jewel enamel. A flower was made with
 Tim Holtz Kraft Glassine paper and then dipped into the melted enamel to create a wonderful effect. I love making paper flowers and when i seen this I just had to have all the other bits and bobs to create the effect myself. 

All my other lovely things from today. I picked up some bargains, unmounted stamps for 95p and a wooden stamp suitable for a man's card for the large amount of £1.50 (marked up at £8.50) I like bargains and managed to find a few today......

 Not the best picture for you to see but........squint your eyes and it may make it better for you.

My Tim Holtz goodies.......I have no idea what to do first. 

An end to a great day, shopping for craft things, sitting in the sun at lunchtime, funny text and lots of laughs. Now I just need to find room for all this stuff in my room. Have I told you I need a bigger room??? I do.....bye for now and have fun.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Fly away......

My latest painting, I hope you all like it. I keep going back to it and adding "bits" so I classed it as partially finished. I have lots of canvases at this stage just like scrapbook pages and albums. You then always have something to work on if you are not in the mood to start something new. I am always doing this on never seem to finish many items, but have lots on the go. I will run out of room one day or have to eventually move into Charlottes bedroom as she is never at home. One day I will take over her room and fill it with my craft things.....(a wicked laugh is called for here) She is adamant not to let me! She is finishing her first year at university in a couple of weeks so will be back home for about 10 mins a day. I can't believe how quick her year has gone and now we are preparing for Natasha to go in September. I will have a very quiet house then. Only Daniel and Mike to annoy me then. 

Ok back to my painting. I have used techniques I have learn on the She Art course I have been doing for the last couple of months. I love the mixed media way of painting as you combine so many different materials such as paint, paper, fabric, stamps, rub ons etc. I have all these in my stash and now get to use most of them........I still will not go to use my "fav" papers. They are hidden away and only come out on special occasions for me to look at and then away they go again. Any crafter reading this will know what I mean but the rest of you will think I am completely mad. Btw, I am! I am also working on another canvas and hopefully I will get some peace today to work on it as I have Daniel at home driving me mad. He is off to Gran Canaria this afternoon for a week. He has the attic room but for some reason he keeps coming to find me to annoy me. He has always done this and probably always will.......I don't mind really. Hmmm, or do I??? 

Mike is away with work again in Holland. He arrives home this evening so then the dreaded new kitchen can get started in between everything else he wants to get done over the next few kitchen, means nightmare to me. I want that magic wand again to just make it all happen overnight. Did I tell you where I am going on Saturday? You will all be so jealous when I tell you. I am off to Port Sunlight Craft show....yehhhhh. I have always wanted to go and now have the chance thanks to my lovely friend Gill and Jennifer, who I have not had the pleasure of meeting yet, but we message a lot on Facebook and she is another "crafty" person with the same interest as me. Gill is new to craft and both Jennifer and I are determined to convert her soon. I will let you know how it goes at the show and maybe even show you all the goodies I buy. 

I had better go and get some housework done so Mike does not think I have spent all the time he has been away in my craft room. He knows I do anyway and never says anything, but his face tells a different story. Watch this space. 

Have a good day everyone and speak soon.....x

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

4th May.........x

I am sitting here at my desk and really should be out enjoying the sunshine today, but I only got in the garden for a little while to water my lovely little (tiny actually) vegtables and then to hang washing out. I lead a very exciting life, did I tell you that already??? I look out of my window of my craft room and watch the oak trees blowing in the breeze, they seemed to have turned very green overnight. I have watched these trees over the seasons for the last 4 and half years of living here.  How they change from the bare trees of the winter and enabling me to watch the squirrels scurrying around them to the lush green colour they are now. I know these trees have been here a long time and also know they were here when my dad worked on the old Burtonwood Air Base during ww2. Makes me feel all sentimental when I think of that and all the history and funny stories he told me as a child. Sunday afternoons spent driving around this area in his old blue beetle car. Wonder how I ended up with one! Then for me to end up living on the very place which he spent the wars years.

I am babbling on today but after all this is my blog and a diary of "me". I am listening to Tonight by Sugarland, such a lovely song and meaningful words. I love the song and go all dreamy when I hear it. Its one of those days and the song goes perfect with the day.....ok, wake up Jackie. Have to go and post my ebay items and then into Warrington with Tasha......that means she will make me spend money on her. The children have a way of doing that, have you noticed? I will have to be strong and not give in to her demands. I can but try. Enjoy the sunshine everyone and tc. x