Sunday, 22 May 2011

Where has the week gone?

I can't believe its over a week since my last post. Its gone by so quickly and also can't believe its nearly the end of May already. I have had a funny week with lots of laughs and plenty of frowns. I have been busy painting and I start my new course tomorrow afternoon......I can't wait. I think it will be another few nights of painting into the wee small hours....

The course is another one by Christy Tomlinson, I adore her work and she is a great inspration to me. The Class is called "She had three hearts" so i will let you know what it is all about once I am well on my way with it.


It will consist of art journalling and lots of messy times for me and my desk. I once had a lovely black Ikea desk and now its rather splattered with various colours of paint. Maybe it is added texture to the desk...I don't know! 

This was one of my first paintings I did for the "She Art Course" I have decided to put it on my blog as its a  favourite of mine and I got so many lovely comments on it in the Classe's Flickr group. 

My latest painting. I have been pestered by someone to put this on my blog so they can see it and so here it is.....talalalalala!  Daniel seen it and looked oddly saying the roof is not right.....I replied by saying that was the charm of the house. Its not meant to be correctly measured....thats the fun of it all. 

I have based this one on my daughters as both have the most fabulous red hair. Well, they both have flame red hair thanks to a bottle.....shhhh, dont tell them I told you all. lol! This is one of the paintings that amazed my daughter Charlotte, I was amazed that she was amazed and so on and so on. 

Busy weekend with little Jessica's christening, which went wonderfully and Mike and I had the pleasure of being her god parents.....such a privilege. The day was lovely and time spent with everyone. Great day and lots of lovely pictures of my lovely family to follow. I have some really odd pictures of me taken by my lovely son Daniel. I was not happy with him but everyone else thought it was hilarious, especially the one which looks like I am sticking two fingers up at him.....ME!!!!! never ever. Me thinks some of those will be getting deleted or maybe they should go into the "funny Jackie pictures folder" most of the pictures of me are funny or so the kids think so.....hmmmmm. I dont know yet. 

Have fun crafty my fellow crafters and hello to you other nosey know who you are and so do I . I don't mind really....x


Diane said...

Your husband is right; you should sell these. I love the top one with Friends on it and the bottom one which says 'she believed in herself is brilliant- great messages to have within your work. Hope that you have a tip top time on the course and look forward to seeing what you get up to.

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