Saturday, 18 June 2011

I love Saturday mornings.........

Here we are again.....happy as can be on a bright Saturday morning! It will probably rain within the next hour or so, lets hope not, we deserve some nice weather. I will get some two weeks today as I will be on my way to Benidorm.......yes, I am actually going to Benidorm! Can you imagine??? Everyone thinks its hilarious for some reason. Probably because, I have always said I would not go, but my Friend Sue asked me to go with her, her grandaughter plus friend, so I am not one to refuse a holiday in the sun. So I will be jetting off and leaving my family for a week. I think they will be ok, we will see!!! I have been busy finding lots of lovely clothes for it and also the "biggie" holiday in Aug. Ohhhh, did I tell you about that one? Mike and I have have been married 25 years on the 30th Aug, back in 1986 he was mad enough to marry me....hehe. We are going on one great holiday for 12 nights and now I am going to make you all so envious, are you ready for this????? 3 nights in Las Vegas, gambling for, it will be craft shopping for me and when I said this to him he groaned as all men do when they are not happy about things you say.  He has agreed I can post the things home rather than putting everything in his case like I do.....I need room for my shoes so he has to have some space for them. Then we go to Miami for 2 nights, so I will have to get my skates out to go along the prom fitting in with everyone else.....think not!!! Years since I went skating, I was very good back then,  but I think now I would break something and it would not be the skates.  We the go to Fort Lauderdale to get the cruise ship to whisk us away on our 7 night caribean cruise. So exciting!!! I can't wait. I will let you know how the packing goes this space!

Now back to my creating, I went to Doncaster on a road trip with Jennifer and Gill once again to The Dome craft show. It was great and I highly recommend a trip out for the next one on 23rd Oct. It was only £5 admission and such great retailers to buy goodies from. I was good (well, sort of) I did not buy too much, it depends when you say "how much is too much" lol. It was not good when I got home as I never had chance to "de-price" the items I bought before Mike seen them and he noticed this time. Men and craft do not usually mix or should I say Mike and craft do not mix, he does not understand. Jennifer's husband, Angus, really has an interest in crafting and everything that goes with it. He was kind enough to drive us all the way to Doncaster.

My online class has now finished but I have another starting on Monday and this time it is run my an English person so it will be in the right timezone for once for me. I will be using a wacom bamboo tablet (sounds so very complicated) and photoshop to learn how to make digital art. I can't wait to start. My completed class was "She has 3 hearts" and we all have 3 hearts but how we use them is very personal to the individual. My 3 hearts are, one for my family, one for my friends and then finally the one I have for myself. As a mum, wife and daughter, you are never really "you". I have been coming out of a very dark bubble over the past months and some know how this "bubble" happened and some don't but I am gradually getting myself together and finding what I should use that 3rd heart for. It is confusing, frustrating, annoying, scary, but I am sure I will find my pathway soon. I hope I do.

I am going to post some of my recent art work. I love working in an art journal as I can keep going back to work and adding to it too. I have lots of pieces of work but this is just a snippet. Enjoy....

I was right, its raining within the hour. I hope you all have a great Saturday and an even better weekend. Take care and come back soon. x

Monday, 6 June 2011

Blog neglect.....

Oh, how guilty do I feel about not blogging for so long after all the lovely comments I got about my blog over the weekend. I was so impressed that people actually read it. I was at my lovely friends wedding at the weekend. Congratulations Sam and Stephen....xx ( she told me she reads my blog!!! yehhhh!!!) We had a wonderful weekend and met some lovely people. The day was glorious, Sam looked completely beautiful, Ben was sooo utterly cute, only problem was for me, walking along the board walk in stilettos....more warning next time please!!! I managed slowly walking along but did seem to be attracting some attention by the way I was walking. I did have a little too much to drink and poor Mike had to then get me back to the car...hehe!

It was also my beautiful Charlottes birthday on Saturday too. She turned 20 and is turning into a stunning, mature, intelligent woman. I am so proud of her and what she has achieved in the past year. I look at her and cannot believe she is now 20. I remember so well the early morning arrival of my daughter and how I never nearly made it to the hospital as she wanted to arrive very suddenly. I felt a little bad being away on her birthday, but she had lots of fun with her friends and family. I decided not to make her a card this year, so I made 2 canvases for her. She really likes my art work and is always very interested in the techniques I am using.....I thinks she wants to pinch my ideas for her work really......I dont mind.

 I love making paper flowers and wet the patterened paper before screwing it up tightly and then unfolding. Allow this to dry and it creates such a lovely effect with the paper. I am liking the lollipop flowers very much. Think Charlotte did too.

 I have spent most of the day sorting my craft room out as my 3rd week of my "she has 3 hearts" course starts this afternoon at around 5pm. Its an american online course so I have to wait for them to catch up with a reasonable time.....thats why i have to wait all day. Not long now and I have a wonderfully clear room and even clearer desk......give it a couple of hours and it will be a disaster area once again. I came across some scrapbook pages I made in a class back in January. I loved the course and love doing scrapbooking, but as always not enough hours in the day to do all the things I want to do.

 This one is with Mike and Daniel, he is about 11 months old. I will always remember this day at Loggerheads, Mold in Wales. It was a day spent with my dad, mum, Mike and Daniel who had just started to walk. When I was little my dad and mum use to take me here so my dad could go and fly fish and we could sit int he sun and picnic. So many fond memories and a place I really love. I even think my dad asked my mum to marry him for the zillionth time that day.....she told him she never married him 20 years previously and had no intention of ever saying yes.......yes, you had to be there to see the funny side.

 This one is Charlotte and Mike in Ayr, Scotland. She is nearly 2 and a lady wanted a photo of her because of her vivid red always and I have no idea where she gets this from (me!) she hated having her photo took but the lady did manage to get one. We have been back to Ayr many times but will always remember this day by the river.

 Charlotte again.....I will get complaints about this from my kids.....why are you blogging about her all the time. Well, it has been her birthday. I love the effect of the speeding car behind her. This was our first year in France and we went to Euro disney for the first time....they loved. Seen the advert on TV atm about the excited kids? Well, my 3 were just the same when went. I love Paris, I love France....need to get back soon. I was ready to jump on the ferry yesterday whilst in Portsmouth but Mike reminded me of a little problem.....Passport!!! Maybe next time...

This is an oldie one of me and my lovely dad. I am about 12, terrible hair, terrible fact not a good picture of me but I am with my dad. Its taken in 1978, in Blackpool.....before it became the crummy place it is today. I had gone on holiday with my mum and he came to visit us for the day. Its one of the rare pictures I have with my dad and I together. So I decided to scrap it and make it even more special.

I suppose I had better go and try and sort my half kitchen out. My new Ikea kitchen is nearly done now but tonight the old kitchen is being picked up by the person who bought it off Ebay.....I was amazed by the whole thing...I had 152 watchers on it and the bids went frantic at the end.....I don't mind though, we got enough money to buy the new flooring and maybe a nice treat for me.....shhh, don't tell Mike that bit as I do not think he will agree with my treat. Pity!

Have fun everyone and hopefully I will not take as long to blog next time. My head is in bits as well as my house being mad and chaos......there is light at the end of the tunnel, but you cannot always see it for the trees. Wish the tress would move and let me see clearly as its causing me not to smile as much....take care. x