Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Year.....New challenges......

Well, its the 3rd day of the new year and I am going to be very nice to my little blog and actually "blog". I have returned today from a lovely couple of days in a wonderfully oldy worldy hotel, which I found very interesting indeed. The library was fabulous, full of very old books but I am sure they would have noticed at reception if I had walked out with my suitcase full of old books. I suppose I will just have to go and annoy the ladies at the local charity shop for them instead.....much better idea! I am totally refreshed, even though I only slept on the first night and not at all last night so nothing very different then. Problem being is that I did not have a compact craft room in my bag for the middle of the night when I was wide awake.

I went to Portobello Road and absolutely loved it, unfortunately the market was not open as it was bank holiday but there were lots of little stalls scattered around. I always thought London was a unfriendly place but I met such lovely people. The first on was a french man selling old photos and albums. As soon as I noticed them I was there. I did buy some old postcards from around 1905 with the original handwriting on. I could have bought so much from him, but alas stuck to only 4 postcards. The rest of the day consisted of shopping in Harrods.....whooo. I loved it! Covent Garden was as lovely as ever, I love to see what people have made and selling. Again I could have spent a fortune but had a Radley...yes Radley bag bought for me. I was chatting away as I do, looked up and seen the sign......the doggie sign and that was it, I as gone. I left a certain person standing and I knew what he was thinking..."oh no". I just had to have one to add to my collection, well that was my excuse. We were on our way home and stood in the queue to get into the tube station. I looked at the side of me and next to me was Jessy, one of Little Mix. Silly me said...."oh its you" as if I knew here ( mad woman) she laughed and said yes, I then realised how lovely she looked. I do not mean to be awful here but she is the one who seemed to struggle the most with her self image and the clothes she wore never seemed to do anything for her and seemed to add weight to her face. She looked wonderful and was so friendly. I really can't believe I spoke to her but I did. She asked how I was and I said about my daughter loving the know in a babbled hasty way....She wished me happy New Year and I wished her lots of luck in her future. I really should have taken a photo but anyone who has been to Covent Garden will know how the lifts work and I really never got time to get my phone out and click!

Anyway or road! I will get back to my challenges. I am determined to do more art this year and develop a style of my own. I really need to get moved into my studio so hopefully this week......fingers crossed. I am hoping to get all my painting done in there and have room to create bigger canvases.

My first challenge.....Lifebook by Tamara Laporte and other teachers. This is a full years clas and I will have to be totally committed to complete this class. I have a few facebook friends doing this class too, so I am sure we will encourage each other along the way.
Find the information here -

My next challenge is The Post Card Challenge over on Darcy Wilkinson's blog "Art and Sole". I find this one so interesting and have my own little story set up for this. I will post my ideas on here for all the challenges I am doing so I will keep you up to date with how I am getting on.....fingers crossed. Wish me luck, please.
The information on the challenge is here -

Tomorrow is my day of starting it all.Watch this space...........


Diane said...

Make doing your blog a challenge to yourself too - I can picture you in your new craft room 'crafting' for a couple of hours and then blogging about it. The sense of achievement will be great and the contribution to support the other people doing those challenges you've chosen will be appreciated too. Go for it!

Catie Cuddles said...

Hurrah... Roisee's place is back... Your new years resolution is to blog more and remind me to do it when I forget too. Think that the postcard challenge will keep us on to it ... Wouldn't want to let mummy Darcy down after all! Having fun blog hopping tonight and listening to the atrocious weather outside!

Tracey said...

Good to see you blogging girl, love the little round up of your London stay, sounds fab ! Good luck on keeping to your challenges and a great big fay Happy new year to you too xxx

Maz said...

Yay! Welcome back to blogland. My poor blog needs some attention too, hopefully all these new ventures will keep us sharing! x

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