Saturday, 14 May 2011

Port Sunlight..........

Well my day at Port Sunlight was very successful in my mind. I really enjoyed the show and there was so much variety, which I think some shows recently have not achieved. I was picked up and chauffeured this morning, lovely to see Gill again and I got to meet Jennifer (she has been reading my blog) Gill has yet to find it as she is a "newbie" crafter and not really bothered with blogs. Jennifer and I are changing that for her and now she has the beginning of a craft "stash". I think she found the show a little daunting at first but then I am sure she started to enjoy herself. I was in my element with lots of ohhh and ahhhs. I even met a few people I knew so managed to have a chat too.

Now the things I bought.....well, are you all ready for the yummy yum things??? I did get a lot and spent far too much but as I said to another lady today, "we do need the things we buy". I think we are just trying to convince ourselves about that subject. Some of my pics are not the best for now as the natural light is fast disapearing from my craft room. If we are very lucky tomorrow and we get some sun I will retake them. I highly recomend the Port Sunlight Show to any crafter and I believe the next one is in October....I will be there.

I watched a fabulous demonstration using the melting pot and the jewel enamel. A flower was made with
 Tim Holtz Kraft Glassine paper and then dipped into the melted enamel to create a wonderful effect. I love making paper flowers and when i seen this I just had to have all the other bits and bobs to create the effect myself. 

All my other lovely things from today. I picked up some bargains, unmounted stamps for 95p and a wooden stamp suitable for a man's card for the large amount of £1.50 (marked up at £8.50) I like bargains and managed to find a few today......

 Not the best picture for you to see but........squint your eyes and it may make it better for you.

My Tim Holtz goodies.......I have no idea what to do first. 

An end to a great day, shopping for craft things, sitting in the sun at lunchtime, funny text and lots of laughs. Now I just need to find room for all this stuff in my room. Have I told you I need a bigger room??? I do.....bye for now and have fun.


Diane said...

Blinkin ink Jackie- what a lotta stash! Glossy accents - I love that stuff although think I've broken my current bottle as there was a tiny hard bit in there which kept blocking it up, so I tried various things to get it out and then reverted to bend the nozzle thingy but then it started pouring out of the side of the nozzle - oops!
I couldn't get there this time but everyone says how good it is, so I must make an extra effort and actually organise properly to go in October.

Jackie Humphreys said...

I think its the most I have ever bought from a craft show. I am about to start playing now and not sure what to use first but dying to use my melting pot. We should organise a day out together with everyone from class to the October show and we can all compare our goodies. I laughed so much at your description of your effort with your glossy accents bottle, I can just picture your face full of determination. lol.

Catie Cuddles said...

ooooohhhh nice stash ... V just seen the pictures and he is concerned I might be as mad as you when it comes to craft things! The class day out sounds like a fab idea - although may have to be given a cash limit for the day to stop me getting into too much trouble! Enjoy playing with your new toys Jackie.

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