Wednesday, 4 May 2011

4th May.........x

I am sitting here at my desk and really should be out enjoying the sunshine today, but I only got in the garden for a little while to water my lovely little (tiny actually) vegtables and then to hang washing out. I lead a very exciting life, did I tell you that already??? I look out of my window of my craft room and watch the oak trees blowing in the breeze, they seemed to have turned very green overnight. I have watched these trees over the seasons for the last 4 and half years of living here.  How they change from the bare trees of the winter and enabling me to watch the squirrels scurrying around them to the lush green colour they are now. I know these trees have been here a long time and also know they were here when my dad worked on the old Burtonwood Air Base during ww2. Makes me feel all sentimental when I think of that and all the history and funny stories he told me as a child. Sunday afternoons spent driving around this area in his old blue beetle car. Wonder how I ended up with one! Then for me to end up living on the very place which he spent the wars years.

I am babbling on today but after all this is my blog and a diary of "me". I am listening to Tonight by Sugarland, such a lovely song and meaningful words. I love the song and go all dreamy when I hear it. Its one of those days and the song goes perfect with the day.....ok, wake up Jackie. Have to go and post my ebay items and then into Warrington with Tasha......that means she will make me spend money on her. The children have a way of doing that, have you noticed? I will have to be strong and not give in to her demands. I can but try. Enjoy the sunshine everyone and tc. x


Diane said...

What a lovely dreamy entry. Just reading it was relaxing and yet refreshing. I live on Chapelford so your dad might have worked in a building which stood where my house now stands. Life continuing in different modes. I can't see any oak trees; in fact I can only see two tiny new trees outside my back garden but I can see a mass of sky, so that's always there to provide me with dreamy space when I want it.

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